Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen

Collaboration in a Complex Maintenance and Upgrade Project

The project

CoWaves finished a remarkable project assisting Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen with a complex maintenance and upgrade program of a maritime vessel. Working closely with Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen, the project spanned a duration of 16 months and, with over 20 subcontractors involved, it required meticulous planning and management of various scopes. The final few weeks of the docking period were particularly critical, as they focused on effectively coordinating both the different subcontractors and the various in-house disciplines to ensure timely undocking.  

Porject management



Using technical expertise, software knowledge, risk identification and leadership qualities, CoWaves worked towards identifying critical paths and ensuring timely completion.  Our Project Support, Max Mylanus, was actively monitoring progress by coordinating with subcontractors, identifying bottlenecks, and providing weekly updates on critical items and activities. With his proactive approach, Max identified several critical items in the undocking process. His communication skills and analytical view allowed him to ensure that timely adjustments were made, which prevented several possible delays.



CoWaves was selected for the project based on their track record in planning and stakeholder management. Given the project’s duration and complexity, Max demonstrated his ability to actively monitor and analyze project plans effectively. He excelled in communicating with and managing the various subcontractors involved, employing clear communication channels and robust risk management strategies. As an external partner, CoWaves brought valuable knowledge and expertise to the table, contributing significantly to the overall success of the project. The engagement and commitment that CoWaves demonstrated throughout the project, resulted in enthusiastic feedback from Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen.

Client grade


Duration project: 16 months
Number of stakeholder (parties): +/- 20 – complexity very high
Client grade: 7.5 / 10

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