Development of a Project Portfolio Dashboard using PowerBI

The project

As a company specialized in providing shipping customers with clean fuel solutions, Titan is constantly engaged in a range of projects. Each project is characterized by a specific timeline and status, such as progress in relation to schedule, or financial viability. As Titan continues to expand, the company recognized the importance of gaining a comprehensive and transparent view of these ongoing processes and projects. Therefore, an interactive tool was requested that allows project managers to identify potential bottlenecks early on, enabling them to make timely and informed adjustments for optimized project execution and streamlined operations.

Porject management



CoWaves was entrusted with the task of developing a visualization tool that could provide Titan with comprehensive insights into project progress, potential risks, and priority setting. Our Project Support Assistant, Timo Rodermond, created a portfolio dashboard utilizing PowerBI. Here, he created an overview with instant access to project statuses, identification of risk areas, resource allocation requirements, and prioritization guidance. Timo designed this tool to assist (project) managers to deploy resources effectively and make informed decisions based on real-time data.  



CoWaves always seeks to understand client specific needs and quickly translate these into practical solutions. Combining people skills, a deep understanding of the maritime industry and his foundational programming knowledge, Timo quickly identified the information necessary to deliver the desired dashboard output. This enabled us to rapidly transform customer requirements into a clear project portfolio dashboard. CoWaves provides comprehensive user manuals with all our deliverables, ensuring seamless adoption by the client. Furthermore, Timo has always been willing to provide post-implementation support or make necessary adjustments to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Client grade


Duration project: 3 months
Number of stakeholder (parties): +/- 15 – complexity extreme
Client grade: 8 / 10

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