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The project

An essential part of Royal IHC is IHC Dredge Equipment. IHC DE supplies dredging systems and components to its yard and directly to its customers. In 2016 and the preceding period, IHC took on several large projects quickly, providing them with plenty of work for the foreseeable future. Within the company, this creates both the opportunity and the need for self-reflection: how are the departments performing, and what can be streamlined? The reorganization period that follows also affects the Project Management Office (PMO) department. The plan is to carefully assess whether the department will be able to handle the work that is in the pipeline. Are there sufficient resources?

Porject management



First, Thomas Combe, on behalf of Critical Minds, provides insight into the extent to which the internal capacity at IHC DE Engineering is currently sufficient for the work there is, as well as that which is coming up. Combe then moves on to the Purchasing and Production department, handing over the engineering part to a colleague. At I&P, his mission is to formulate the internal priorities even more precisely, based on production capacity and purchasing expectations



Without going too deeply into specifics here, it is made apparent during this project that Combe’s substantive knowledge of dredging systems of this size is of great added value when making suggestions about prioritizing and increasing efficiency. Production capacity is also made much more transparent. In addition, Combe’s ability to make the broad outlines transparent for everyone relatively quickly, communicate them clearly, and create support for them is indispensable.

Client grade


Duration project: 24 months
Number of stakeholder (parties): +/ 50 – complexity very high
Client grade: 8.5 / 10

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