Implementing of a document management system in SharePoint

The project

As a project grows and involves multiple external companies, the significance of a document management system increases. As Titan’s team expanded, locating the appropriate document version, and ensuring timely reviews became increasingly challenging. A dependable document system enhances information security, quality management, workflow efficiency, version control, organization, and collaboration, ultimately leading to time and cost savings. Microsoft’s SharePoint environment was utilized to develop a Document Management System that offers clarity and structure for project tracking. The document management system, built with input from various stakeholders, incorporates Meta Data to link different tags to all documents. By utilizing metadata, one can filter and sort tags to create an unlimited number of views, thus improving the document browsing experience. 

Porject management



CoWaves was asked to develop the SharePoint environment that would meet the requirements and needs for the Titan BioLNG Project. The system also provides a comprehensive overview of document reviews, deadlines, and the responsible parties. Our Project Support Assistant, Alexz Schasfoort, made sure that the created SharePoint environment hosts a project dashboard that contains interactive planning tools, an action tracker, and other features for the project manager and team. Customized software programs were also created to automate document review processes, generate document numbers, and minimize routine task workloads. 



CoWaves has executed multiple project management assignments for various organizations, including Titan. In doing so, CoWaves has left a good impression at Titan in diverse disciplines including support in project management, development of project management tools and providing project management training. Having previously gained familiarity with both general project management issues and the issues specifically encountered by Titan, CoWaves was well-equipped to develop a customized solution that enhances uniformity and clarity.

Client grade


Duration project: 3 months
Number of stakeholder (parties): +/- 6 – complexity medium
Client grade: 8 / 10

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