LNG New Build Tender Phase

The project

In 2021, Titan initiated a significant project involving the construction of a 4,000 cubic meter LNG Bunkering barge. Recognizing the project’s complexity, the appointment of an experienced project manager became essential: it had to be someone capable of offering a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, both practically and financially. The chosen individual needed not only experience but also reliability, commitment, and the ability to collaborate seamlessly over an extended period.

About Co-Waves



During the startup phase of this project, Thomas Combe played a key role. Thomas was involved in developing and maintaining the project plan, overseeing project progress, estimating and monitoring costs, and coordinating various internal and external stakeholders across naval architecture, financial and legal domains. It was an all-round job that leveraged all of Thomas’ strengths effectively to ensure a successful outcome.



The decision to approach Thomas Combe to lead the startup phase was based on two pivotal factors: his prior experience, providing a solid foundation, and his interest and affinity for technical intricacies. The collaboration between CoWaves and Titan reflected a shared ambition, enabling Thomas to deliver with a transparent upfront plan and well-defined boundaries. The successful project conclusion garnered positive feedback, citing Thomas’ efficiency in creating structure and providing clear communication. As expressed by a satisfied stakeholder, “Delivered as promised with a clear up-front plan with a demarcation. Thorough but quick on action follow ups. If you need support in creating an overview and structure with a project plan. Thomas is good choice in the execution of the project, and he can distinguish main issues from minor ones. A modern project manager with way of working and communication.”

Client grade


Duration project: 12 months
Number of stakeholder (parties): +/- 30 – complexity high
Client grade: TBD

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