Zijlstra Interiors

Streamlining work processes after the scale-up of a relatively small business.

The project

Zijlstra Interiors is a furniture maker and upholsterer specializing in high-quality parts intended to finish luxury yachts and high-end residences. The company has grown considerably in a short amount of time, with all the associated challenges. Due to this growth, it is by no means always clear whether the amount of work and the amount of available labour are always optimally matched.

Porject management



At the time of this project, Critical Minds was already known as a reliable partner with knowledge of planning software standards in the world of yacht building. On their behalf, Thomas Combe deals with the implications of the scale-up on work processes within Zijlstra. After all, scaling means that all kinds of sub-processes must be better coordinated and centrally managed and structured. It soon becomes apparent that a standardized coding system for parts can be set up, meaning everyone involved has a clearer picture of which components are needed where and when. This has a positive influence on planning schedules. And, with every project, it becomes increasingly clear how much time it will cost the organization and its employees.



In this relatively long-running project, it soon becomes clear that Thomas Combe’s committed nature positively influences the atmosphere and the results because he speaks with employees from all layers of the organization, who confide in him. In addition, Combe’s targeted hands-on method ensures that Zijlstra receives efficient suggestions and tools to improve efficiency.

Client grade


Duration project: 19 months
Number of stakeholder (parties): +/- 8 – complexity high
Client grade: 8.0 / 10

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