Damen Shipyards Group / Damen Shiprepair and Conversion (DSG / DSC)

Planning a conversion (refit) of an existing ship to a state of the art research ship

The project

In addition to building new ships, Damen Shipyards is also involved in repairing and converting older vessels. Between 2018 and 2020, the company is carrying out a major ‘refit’ on an older ship: the idea is to transform the ship into a very modern, advanced, high-tech research vessel.
The customer has set particular and unusual requirements for the interior. For example, several basins must be built-in for the research; laboratories must be present, an advanced video editing room and representative, very luxuriously finished reception and living areas must be constructed. So, a complex undertaking, which is often the case in the world of ‘repair and conversion’, should preferably be completed in the shortest possible time!

Porject management



DSC can therefore use some help with the planning. Different paths have to be devised and possibilities explored. Critical Minds, then, sends in Thomas Combe to handle project planning. Because this unique project involves combining so many different disciplines, proper coordination is even more critical than usual. For DSC, Critical Minds thoroughly investigates what is needed to refit such a realistic way.



Combe’s input is, of course, not limited to the planning: thanks to his proactive attitude in gathering information from the various departments, including during construction, the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. Ultimately, the project can confidently be handed over.

Client grade


Duration project: 15 months

Number of stakeholder (parties): +/- 25 – complexity extreme

Client grade: 8.0 / 10

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